The Moor Family


The Moor family partnership began in 1923 and soon established a very successful 165 acre fruit farming business, which has been developed by the four generations of fruit growers.

Taking full advantage of the rich, deep, loam soils in this location which provides an equable climate, ensuring minimal frost risk at blossom time, and providing ideal ripening conditions, which results in fruit of truly exceptional flavour and texture. This has encouraged the family to convert every orchard to certified organic standards.

Harry Moor purchased the first 100 acres of land in Kent for his son to grow vegetables for local markets, but Donald soon realised there was a growing demand for fruit, and quickly converted the farm to apple and pear orchards. This foresight helped him to survive the agricultural depression of the inter war years.

Pioneers of Modern Fruit Production

Donald was one the pioneers of modern fruit production in England and was one of the founders of the soon world famous East Malling Research Station, whose staff pioneered and established the necessary technology for successful apple and pear growing.

The end of the Second World War saw an increase in fruit production, which led to the formation of the apple and pear marketing co-operatives to ensure that English producers would be competitive with increasing imports.

John and Nicholas, father and son partnership, are the present management and both are qualified horticulturists and fruit growers of experience. Organic fruit growing has become a way of life for the Moor family and Nicholas hopes that one or more of his three daughters will follow in his footsteps.