The Juicing Process


Being farm picked, graded, pressed and bottled, our products enjoy a high level of accountability and traceability (every batch is numbered and can be traced from the “orchard to the bottle”).

The quality of our juices is extremely high, due to the fruit being rapidly pressed at its optimum ripeness (sometimes as much as 1 litre per second) and then gently pasteurised and bottled. We believe the more rapidly apples are pressed the fresher the juice, which is why our modern techniques retain all of the character of the individual fruit varieties.

Here's how we do it…

  • The fruit is brought in from the orchard on the picking trains ready for unloading.
  • The apples enter the juicing shed on the forklift, then the tipper pours the fruit onto the conveyor belt.
  • The apples move along the conveyor, where they are inspected for quality and ripeness.
  • They are then rinsed and travel up the mill where they are crushed & pulped.
  • The pulp moves along between the very taut belt screens at high pressure to ensure every drop of juice is squeezed out. We can extract around 1 litre of juice from 1.5 kilos of fruit.
  • The juice falls through the belt into the collection tank where it is screened and then pumped into a stainless steel storage vat via overhead pipes.
  • The dry pulp is fed out the end of the machine, into a special bin ready for the pigs to eat.
  • The juice is left to settle overnight, and is then very gently pumped through a pipe to the second storage vat, leaving all the sediment behind. This process is called ‘racking off’.
  • The juice then goes to the pasteuriser and is flash pasteurised seconds before it goes to the 12 head filler machine.
  • As the bottles move along the conveyor, they are rinsed with warm water, filled with the freshly pasteurised juice and finally capped before moving to the carousel.
  • The hot bottles are then taken off the machine and stored until cool.
  • Once cool, the bottles are taken to the label room to be dressed ready for sale.