Growing The Fruit

During the past twenty years new techniques of Integrated Crop management have been developed and chemical applications significantly reduced. This has culminated in a full organic system of production. Nicholas saw that this was the right way forward and with John's full support, he achieved full Organic Status in 1999.

John and Nicholas strongly believe in working with nature by studying the interaction of wildlife and particularly insects with the environment. Organic production is based on a healthy dynamic soil so that no “artificial” fertilisers, or herbicides are applied at Nichol Farm. Nicholas and John are convinced that the organic approach is in the interest of all creation.

Producing the finest apples and pears

Because of increasing specialisation requirements, Nicholas and John have slowly concentrated on producing the finest apples and pears in the region. Although the number of varieties has somewhat contracted over the years they still produce a wide range for all seasons. Including Scarlet Pimpernel, Discovery, Katy, St Edmund Pippin, Charles Ross, Coxs’ Orange Pippin, James Grieve, Bramleys’ Seedling, Ergemont Russet, Norfolk Royal Russet, Gala Jonagold, Braeburn, Spartan and Red Pippin. Pears include Conference and William.


Long term sustainability

For the long term sustainability of organic production consideration has been given to maximising the use of the whole crop. This made Nicholas realise that the production of single variety Organic apple juices would be the logical step. The fruit not suited to fresh fruit sales, are ripened on the tree until fully mature, harvested and pressed for full flavour. This has been so successful that the  partnership has now supplied juices to Waitrose and many outlets in West London. Farm shops, farmers markets, hotels and restaurants continue to expand their market.

It seemed only logical that they should use any by-product left over from pressing, so Moors pass their fruit pressings onto a neighbouring farmer to feed to his pigs and sheep, as well as feeding the pressings to their own litter of weaners. This ensures that waste is kept to a minimum, and the animals love their appley treat.


Moor Organics Ltd are members of Fruition PO, a Producer Organisation with whom we have a marketing agreement to market our crop. We also benefit from EU funding which has been of great assistance in developing our business.